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How to Bypass 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Heater Core?

The heater core is leaking on the passenger side of the cabin. How hard is it to do a bypass? How is is it done? Step-by step method. I am a change oil and filter guy and not a mechanic.

The radiator shop wants $500 to replace the heater core. I would like to keep the Jeep for pulling a pop-up camper.How to Bypass 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Heater Core?Well, 500 bucks to change the heater core is not too bad, considering the entire dashboard has to be removed to get to it.

Anyhow, it's real simple to bypass the heater. You can't block the flow - it has to always be circulating. Just cut the 2 hoses entering and exiting the firewall with a utility knife and connect them together with a coupler and clamps.

Before you bypass the heater, check that the problem isn't with one of those connections at the firewall. I had leaking antifreeze coming into the passenger side and the shop told me the core was bad and wanted 700-800 to replace it. I decided to do it myself. Bought a core for 79.00. Then started taking things apart. I noticed that one of the hose clamps was loose and was squirting water into the core when the engine ran. Put a new clamp on it and no more leak!
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  • Do all oil change places use cheap parts?

    Sure they might use a name brand oil, but most oil manufactures don't make filters. I've only had my oil changed once at a quick change place. (I needed it changed and it was like 20 out and in the middle of winter) When I took off the oil filter I noticed how cheep it looked. The fluid holes were smaller then name brand filters and they even had metal burrs on the holes which could of broken off and got metal chips in my oil. They will also sell you a $20.00 air filter that's worth about $3.00. It will have less fins then most air filters and a rougher mesh to compensate for the lesser area of air flow. You can go to a auto store and get a better filter for cheaper. Are there any oil change places that use name brand parts? Is a dealership your only option?Do all oil change places use cheap parts?Your best option is to buy Mobil1, take it to the dealer of your car and let them use their OEM oil filters to service your car if they aren't available at Walmart. Get this! If you take your own oil and filter to a Chevrolet dealer they'll do it for under $15.00. You can install a cabin air or engine air filter any time you want. Purolator, Motorcraft NAPA (made by Wix) AC-Delco or Wix by name will smoke any discount store Fram filter on the market.

    Do not ever think of having your oil changed at Walmart. They store their lowest dollar Fram filters UNCOVERED in steel racks in the shop area with heating fans blowing dust and dirt all over them. Untrained, non mechanics do the work.Do all oil change places use cheap parts?Welcome to America

    just demand Fram filters, everyone redesigns their filter from Fram filters more-or-less.

    off brand filters go by the dimensions of the filters and thread size, after that they don't care.

    oil change places have low-overhead, dealers have a large building, employees, ECT, their price will be higher.Do all oil change places use cheap parts?They use the cheapest parts and charge you as much as humanly possible for them.

    Cheers.Do all oil change places use cheap parts?what parts there oil and a filter

    there is cheap house brands of both and quicklube place that suck oil out doesnt get it all

    you can do it at home for a little less and about same time not all places use cheap stuff but more likely to get it at a quicklube oil place than a regular and if you do it it wil be cheaper and you can choose what brand you want when you want about same prices for the oil and filter anywhere you go having it done what your paying for your time or their time

    call auto zone can price anything or everything you need

    An upgrade kit was added to my Triumph, how many miles till I change the oil?

    I have a 2003 Triumph Bonneville, it has about 22,000 miles on it but that doesn't matter, I installed a Wiseco upgrade kit in it, 800 to 900 ccs. It has a new piston and a new sleeve in the cylinder. I've run it one or two hundred miles. Okay, this is just my thinking, I thought I'd run it a while, a %26quot;break-in%26quot; period using the oil that was in it and then put in a fresh filter and load of synthetic oil. I don't know if people do this anymore. My thought was the oil would pick up any contaminants or pieces of metal, and then would be flushed out with a new oil change. Considering that I've decided to do this already, how many miles would you run it before the new change, 100, 200, 1000 miles, more? thanksAn upgrade kit was added to my Triumph, how many miles till I change the oil?I'd do 500 making sure I didn't lug the engine at all during break in. I'm just wondering if you are running synthetic now. I've heard tell that synth makes bedding of the new rings a problem. I've also heard that switching from dyno oil, if that's what you are using, to synth can deprive seals of certain swelling agents that may cause them to weep a bit. YMMV! Your plan otherwise seems sound.An upgrade kit was added to my Triumph, how many miles till I change the oil?500 miles or less good

    Oil change jeep grand cherokee 2004?

    how much does the oil, and oil filter cost? im a first timer tryin to save some cash. Also how long should i go until i change it again?Oil change jeep grand cherokee 2004?No more than $50. You can usually get it for $30-35ish.

    Oil Change on an S&S 96 CI?

    Hi. I have a 2005 Saxon custom scepter chopper. I am trying to change the oil and removed the engine drain plug and the filter but don't know how to drain the resivoir. Is there another plug somewhere? Thanks alot and please respond asap as i am in mid change right now. lolOil Change on an S%26amp;S 96 CI?There should be a drain plug at the back corner of the oil tank on the bottom.If it's a softail type tank look for a rubber hose off the tank to a drain plug on the bottom of the frame.I'm not familiar with a Scepter so i can't say for sure where it is.Oil Change on an S%26amp;S 96 CI?The resevoir is drained from the line at the bottom, its not a drain plug, fill it from under the seat, and there is no engine drain plug, just tilt the bike to the left after you have the filter off.

    2001 C-5 Vette on board computer ...OIL LIFE REMAINING.?

    On a 2001 C-5 Vette, there is an on-board computer that monitors %26quot;oil life remaining%26quot;. Let me preface my question and rule out %26quot;opinions%26quot;, PLEASE, just the facts, just the TRUTH ... !

    What is the percentage of %26quot;oil life remaining%26quot; that the oil should be changed at ? I've been changing it at around 45% and that gets me about 3500 miles or so. I've come to believe that that is way too soon and I am simply throwing my money away. What does GM, or a very knowledgeable Corvette Engineer say ???

    How does 10 % remaining sound ? Isn't that the purpose of the computer monitor ? And what about changing the filter in between oil changes ??? Is there a truly BEST oil filter for this car ?

    THANKS in advance,

    Richard2001 C-5 Vette on board computer ...OIL LIFE REMAINING.?Try asking the guys in the C5 General Discussion section over at www.corvetteforum.com. They know their stuff over there.2001 C-5 Vette on board computer ...OIL LIFE REMAINING.?Every 3000 miles is the standard.

    I'd stick with that.

    Especialy with that car. $$$


    Filter too. EVERY oil change. Penzoil, Fram, OEM .....any good oil and filter.2001 C-5 Vette on board computer ...OIL LIFE REMAINING.?The percentage indicator runs from 100 to 0, every 7500 miles, so you are changing the oil every 3500 miles..half way, but it really depends on how long it is between changes and how the car is used.. If you drive a none stop commute to work, like 60miles round trip, the oil is at a steady flow %26amp; pressure, which is better than city mileage, with lots of stops, oil pressure jumps up and down and less circulation..In other words go to the 10 % mark if highway, but not over 3 months, and for city -50%, but you need to remember to use the recommended oil for your vehicle and do not change brands-due to different makers, use different detergents in the oil..Also a factor, if the automaker thought the engine would fail-due to changing the oil by indicator, then they you have set the indicator different..Hope this helps..2001 C-5 Vette on board computer ...OIL LIFE REMAINING.?The oil monitors engine rpm, distance, temp, etc etc to determine when to change it.... and it is pretty good... (seen oil analysis's of regular pennzoil, changed when the monitor said so. over 12,000 miles on that oil, did fantastic, low wear, etc)

    Fram is cheaply made, overpriced junk, feel free to cut one open and compare with wix's..... stay away, keep with oem, wix or purolator...2001 C-5 Vette on board computer ...OIL LIFE REMAINING.?its a gimic to get you to go to the dealer, run mobilone or sythetics and you wont have to worry about the filter betwwen canges you can go 5-6 k on this type of oil.2001 C-5 Vette on board computer ...OIL LIFE REMAINING.?the chevy on board computer monitors it down to a point where it will notify you with a - CHANGE ENGINE OIL message. After which it is recommended that you change the oil within the next 600 miles. The computer doesn't use mileage to do its calculations. It uses engine revolutions and engine temperature. This has proven to be much more efficient than just every 3,000 miles. I usually change oil about every 5,500 miles +/-. Your cars user manual might have info on the computer. Hope this helps. Peace out.
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  • Finding the transmission oil filter on a mirage 2001?

    I'm looking for the transmission oil filter on my car. The transmission oil needs changing desperately. Anyone know where it is? or has a diagram of how to find it?Finding the transmission oil filter on a mirage 2001?There isn't one.